We exist to enable underprivileged youth to lead flourishing lives

by accelerating the scale and impact of skill development work happening across India

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moving from a demographic inertia to demographic dividend

180 million youth will enter India’s workforce in the next 15 years. With a massive skill deficit of 400 million people by 2022, we are facing a simultaneous opportunity and challenge. 

However, the current skilling ecosystem, while having made great progress in the last few years still has gaps in meeting expectations of students and industry alike, in areas like learning outcomes, placement linkages and retention in jobs, resulting in declining labor force participation and increasing unemployment.

The linear and siloed approach to designing programs, information asymmetry and financing priorities often result in limited scale of impact, quality of training, placement and retention in jobs, and low aspiration for the programs.
There is a need to review our approach and strengthen our fundamentals to ensure better and larger-scale outcomes.

theory of change

collaborative problem-solving through complex systems thinking and action-orientation, driven by a shared understanding and imagination of the future

right information
reducing information asymmetry to enable discovery of appropriate interventions
right training
improving efficacy through innovation and scale
right jobs
enabling youth to find employment and career success through job linkages aligned with youth aspiration and industry demand

our capabilities

dedicated to fostering a thriving skill development ecosystem to collectively meet the aspirations of India’s youth

Programs and Initiatives

a delivery centre, to role-model delivery
of high-impact skill development programs,
at scale

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Innovation & Action

an innovation & action research lab, to
experiment, design and demonstrate
effective solutions across problem areas

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Knowledge & Research

a think-tank, to generate knowledge as
public good, through research that informs
policy and key decision-makers

Strategy & Consulting

a consulting practice, to work with key
stakeholders by co-creating solutions and
sharing best practices

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Technology & Platforms

a tech hub, to build technology
solutions to solve for information
asymmetry, and lack of scalable learning

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Convening & Collaboration

a convening space, to bring all stakeholders
together and collaborate to accelerate the
ecosystem scale and impact

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