English and lifeskills for service sector employability

rigorous, integrated, personalized, research-based blended learning of English to deliver critical communication and employability skills

English is now a vocational skill required for socioeconomic mobility

a government of India study, National Employability Report-Graduates 2013 reveals that, “nearly 47% of the graduates were found not employable in any sector, given their English language and cognitive skills.”

in our country with multiple languages, socio-economic mobility is higher for those who speak English than those who do not. This is amplified by the reality that India’s farm-based economy is transitioning to one where the service sector will play a significant and crucial role. English is now a vocational skill that needs far more attention and innovation than it currently receives.

most English training products in the market today utilize in-class training, apps and blended learning, focusing on the fundamentals of English. Despite being highly priced, most of them are unable to deliver on the promise of meeting student expectations because of critical missing pieces. Learning English is a behavioral problem statement that needs solutions rooted in human centered design and based on behavioral economics.

theory of change

Future Perfect exists to improve job readiness for the youth and enable upward socio-economic mobility through English proficiency and development of 21st century employability skills. Future Perfect is designed on the belief that proficiency in spoken English is achieved by adopting an immersive approach, implemented through experiential, holistic and group learning.

get a formal service sector job
acquire the knowledge and skills required to get service sector employment
continually learn and grow
with English proficiency comes greater confidence and access to a world of knowledge
upward and lateral mobility
with continual learning comes more and better choice of vocations and growth

English communication and 21st century skills for employment and career growth

Youths learn English language proficiency and 21st Century skills through an integrated, experiential training program that is based on a behavioural approach to language learnings to make them job and life-ready. Students learn through state of the art digital learning platform using problem solving activities, role-plays, debates, extempore, storytelling etc. The learning process is rooted in personalisation, relevance, student context, gamification, and peer learning to encourage stickiness, collaboration and accountability for youth’s own learning.

The course is designed to be holistic and contextual to fit our students’ backgrounds and employers’ needs. At the end of the program, students who complete the program will be placed primarily in service sector jobs.  The student learning outcomes are measured based on internationally recognised frameworks such as the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for English proficiency.

Future Perfect has a comprehensive curriculum with a focus on :

English proficiency
students learn Foundational English, Workplace English and Interview English taught through projects, videos and activities
21st century life skills
students learn assertive communication, problem solving, etiquette building, smart choices, collaboration, adaptability, critical thinking and leadership
career planning & growth
students learn assertive communication, problem solving, etiquette building, smart choices, collaboration, adaptability, critical thinking and leadership
personality development
students are trained in the program with the core values of growth, empathy and ownership so that they do not fall into the cycle of poverty later

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“Future Perfect's classes helped me build self-confidence, communication skills, soft skills, and good body language. My vocabulary also improved! Along with speaking skills, I improved my listening skills.”

- Charitha

“I was scared of talking to people earlier because I did not have confidence to speak in English. After taking Future Perfect classes, I am not only speaking in English, but also confident to face any interview. The classes helped me to not only convey my ideas and express myself in English freely, they also helped me in building skills like teamwork, effective resume writing and workplace etiquette.”

- Husna

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