90-day, rigorous, holistic, fully-residential training program focused on underprivileged youth

building knowledge, skills and mindsets through vocational training layered with foundational and life skills in a structured, well-designed, experiential environment

helping individuals get the right skills to enrich workforce

180 million youth will enter India’s workforce in the next 15 years. But 33% are employment-unaware, 47% are school dropouts and 50% are unemployable. Existing skilling initiatives have gaps in relevance of curriculum, quality of delivery, minimal focus on mindset and behaviours, low placements focus, fewer employer linkages, and minimal post-training support and guidance.

theory of change

Gurukul offers ‘Program in Life Management’ (PLM), a 360-degree holistic program focused on vocational and foundational learning aimed at making youth not only job-ready but also life-ready, thus enabling them to sustainably stay outside the cycle of poverty.

The Gurukul aims to enable underprivileged youth to

get a job
by imparting the knowledge and skills required to be employable
stay in the job
by building career awareness, workplace communication proficiency, practical application of skills and knowledge
grow in the job
by developing the right behavior and attitude for better performance resulting in career advancement

holistic learning and continuous support

PLM is built with a strong emphasis on extensive experiential learning through habit-building and repetition. The students learn by doing, work with real clients, self-manage their behaviour and prepare for a life of high rigour in jobs. Our focus on life and learning foundations equips our students with the capability to make horizontal shifts in their careers and jobs, and hence insulates our students from sectoral and market changes.



students are selected on the basis of economic need, intrinsic motivation, education qualification (for certain vocations) and livelihood aspiration. These selection criteria are contextualized according to the needs, awareness and belief systems of different communities and employer prerequisites.



students are taken through a comprehensive curriculum built on 3 program pillars:

life foundation

basic life-skills required to develop behaviors, mindsets and attitudes to deal with career and life challenges

learning foundation

foundational skills like english and digital literacy to navigate career and life situations, and unlock opportunities

economic foundation

vocational skills required to perform a job and earn a livelihood



towards the end of the PLM, students opting-in for placements are connected with multiple employers for attending job interviews. We currently work with over 150 employers to place our students (mostly in tier 1 cities), and have historically achieved 99.5% placement rates.



our life-long support system for alumni, insulates them from routine life-shocks that may potentially pull them back into poverty. A dedicated team and a technology-enabled service delivery platform support the alumni for life.life/guard provides services to our alumni in these areas - career, housing, alternate job discovery, access to insurance and other schemes/benefits, and mentoring

what students are trained in

Gurukul offers ‘Program in Life Management’ (PLM), a 360-degree holistic program focused on foundational learning towards formal employment, pulling youth out of the  cycle of poverty, sustainably. Gurukul leverages India's demographic dividend through a residential skilling model by training students in livelihood, learning and life skills, followed by assured employability in the formal sector and transition support.

vocational specializations


life skills

personality development

literacy skills

basics of numeracy
workplace communication

reach and impact so far


graduates till march 2020


Employment of optins




increase in salary for those in jobs


volunteering hours

“I never went to school. I was afraid I would never be able to take care of my children after my husband died. But now I am a trained beautician and I have a stable job. I am able to send my children to school.” 

- Jyoti Bai

“The subjects taught in Gurukul help me out a lot in real life. Subjects like life skills help me out a lot because it gave me people skills and taught me how to deal with people, things I learnt in numeracy help me out in my day to day activities in conducting my business. I also learnt how to use computers which helps me out everyday!”

- Dileep

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